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What to work for? What to learn?
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We invite you to undergo an occupational diagnosis in an innovative tool that will quickly answer your questions, no more than 14 minutes

The most comprehensive and professional advice for employment, placement, education and career

Developed by the respected psychologist Raanan Haas, one of israel's leading occupational counseling leaders

Consultation and placement call to help you choose an employment, education and career path


Who is suitable to use

If you came to us then you probably came to the right place

Anyone who needs at any age, a professional direction in life.
Anyone facing a decision on choosing a course of study or work.
Anyone interested in professional occupational guidance.
About the methodology
About the methodology

Raanan Haas, one of Israel's leading and most respected occupational psychologists, has decades of experience in diagnostic and occupational counseling for leading entities.

A graduate of the Hadassah Institute for Occupational Counseling and Candidate's screening, an expert with many years of experience in research and career counseling, he developed youaco's online system to make professional guidance for studies and employment accessible to all interested persons.

YOUACO is today's most advanced online research and career counseling system, combining the most advanced knowledge in the field of psychology with up-to-date technology, enabling practical guidance and recommendations to be obtained immediately.

Our vision

Our vision is to make psychological tools accessible to everyone! Psychological tools have the ability to help us make critical decisions on many issues, they help us understand – who we are, what activates us, what does us good, what our strengths are and where we should aim, they help us choose correctly! Everyone can use psychological techniques, not everyone can afford it – that's why we founded YOUACO.

By developing psychological tools that are accessible on the Internet, we significantly reduce the the cost of using psychological tools and enable them to every one's pocket. Youaco's methodology was developed by Raanan Haas, one of Israel's leading occupational psychologists, Haas has been engaged for decades in occupational psychology, both in the research and applied aspect, he works for leading companies and entities in Israel. YOUACO's diagnosis was developed over 5 years, tried and validated by tens of thousands of users.


Among our customers

Our consulting and guidance services are used by private consultants, occupational counseling and guidance organizations, many companies in the economy and diverse educational institutions, who receive our professional recommendations.